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For almost four decades, Santa Rosa Personal Injury lawyer Kevin McConnell has been fighting the big insurance companies on behalf of folks who have been injured in accidents of all kinds.

Our office has secured multiple seven and eight digit verdicts and settlements and produced dozens of cases with results between $100,000 and $1,000,000.

These are examples* of our personal injury case results that show what can happen when you stand up for your rights against the giant insurance companies with an experienced personal injury lawyer:


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Client Result Type of Case
FERNANDA G. $16,000,000 Stove tip over accident
CHUCK B. $3,875,000 Motorcycle accident
ERIC B. $3,700,000 Stove tip over accident
K.R. $2,500,000 Motorcycle accident
BRAD L. $780,000 Motor Vehicle Accident
DONALD L. $555,000 Motorcycle Accident
CURTIS M. $450,000 Slip and Fall
CARL C. $344,375 Construction Defect Claim
RICK G. $300,000 Motorcycle Accident
MARGARITA O. $250,000 Auto vs. Pedestrian
MAGDELENA C. $200,000 Auto vs. Pedestrian
EDWARD D. $197,500 Motorcycle Accident
JOSEPH W. $190,265 Motorcycle Accident
DEBRA G. $154,000 Smashed finger in door at store
DOLORES A. $151,046 Motor Vehicle Accident
KEVIN M. $150,575 Smashed hand in Uhaul truck
JOSH S. $150,000 Motorcycle Accident
JANELLE J. $150,000 Motor Vehicle Accident
KATHRYN R. $150,000 Slip and Fall
AUDREY F. $135,000 Motor Vehicle Accident
NOEMA M. $135,000 Motor Vehicle Accident
JERRY P. $120,886 Auto vs. Pedestrian
JAMES H. $120,000 Motor Vehicle Accident
AMY W. $115,000 Bicycle Accident
THERESA M. $113,195 Motor Vehicle Accident
JERRY H. $109,766 Motorcycle Accident
LORENZO S. $100,000 Motor Vehicle Accident
KEN C. $100,000 Auto vs. Bicycle
SHAWN C $100,000 Motorcycle Accident
YOLANDA A. $100,000 Motor Vehicle Accident
JESSIE Y. $100,000 Motorcycle Accident
SAFWAT S. $100,000 Motor Vehicle Accident
VANESSA K. $100,000 Motor Vehicle Accident
VICKIE W. $100,000 Auto v. Pedestrian
JOSE R. $99,575 Motor Vehicle Accident
JOSE B. $99,426 Motor Vehicle Accident
PATRICIA M. $96,000 Motor Vehicle Accident
MICHAEL P. $95,000 Motorcycle Accident
MARCIE T. $93,500 Motor Vehicle Accident
JOSE R. $92,500 Motor Vehicle Accident
MARCIA N. $91,659 Motor Vehicle Accident

*Please note: These are examples only and not a representation of the expected result in your case. These are recent case results, including cases I have personally handled through my prior office.

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